MacOS Mammoth by AR 4789

MacOS Mammoth

Wait, next version of macOS will be macOS Mammoth 😱😳

Jelle De Laender
17 Sep 2022

In the summer 2021, shortly after macOS Monterey was released, rumours started that the next version of macOS, macOS 13, would named macOS Mammoth 🙃

9to5 Mac even worked on a concept and wishlist for macOS Mammoth. Be sure also to check this video by AR 4789 or this video by O.S. Designer.

MacOS Mammoth by 9to5

Honestly, we were a bit surprised when the name of the new macOS version was announced. Not sure if we were happy about this or not. We love mammoths. We even named our company to it: Coding Mammoth 😎, founded in 2008, so more than 14 years ago. Even older as our previous “workname” was “Mammoet Software”, see this awesome article (Dutch) by in 2005.

Apple itself wouldn’t have chosen the name because of the animal, but most likely because of the mountain and area in California: Mammoth Mountain, Mammoth Lakes and more. The initial macOS versions were named after animals; Remember the good Mac OS X Jaguar, Panther, Tiger, Leopard, Lion,... Fantastic times. Since 2013, Apple has shifted to using names of locations 🤷‍♂️

Instead of macOS Mammoth, Apple went with macOS Ventura. Still, Apple seems to have a trademark on 'Mammoth' in the category of 'computer operation systems', so who knows what the future will bring...

At least Apple added the mammoth to the emoji set of macOS and iOS, which is a win for sure and my most used emoji: 🦣. Curious for WWDC 2023, and the name of macOS 14...