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Jelle De Laender
02 April 2024

Today is already the second day of the second quarter of 2024. While it may look quite silent at Coding Mammoth HQ, a lot is happening behind the scenes. Our primary focus for this year is Semonto. We do not forget QuickScale and MijnLijn; no worries. And luckily, MijnLijn is not sherlocked by Apple, yet.

About Semonto...

2023 was an exciting year. See our blog about the Semonto 2023 recap.

2024 will be more exciting than 2023. Mark my words ;) In 2024, we launched already an entirely new pricing model. We wanted to have a more transparent and usage-based pricing model. All details in our dedicated blog post why we changed the Semonto pricing model.

As said, 2024 will be more exciting than 2023. We have quite some new features in the pipeline. One feature is already shipped: Domain Monitoring. See the blog post about this domain monitoring feature.

More features are being developed right now and will be released later this year. The easiest way to stay in touch is by subscribing to the Semonto newsletter. We only send a newsletter every month or two, so not many emails. And keep an eye on the Semonto blog or our social media channels.