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MijnLijn 3.10

We added dark mode and dynamic font size support to MijnLijn

Jelle De Laender
24 February 2020

We have released a new version of MijnLijn. We have added dark mode and dynamic font size. We also updated the database with the latest info.

Dynamic font size: choose the size of your font

Did you know that Apple allows you to select your preferred font size? If you prefer larger letters for easy reading, you can change this setting on your Apple device in the Settings menu by selecting Accessibility, Display and text size.

We have enabled dynamic font size in our app MijnLijn, so that the font size choices you make on your device are respected in the app. MijnLijn is our free iOS application showing the real-time bus and trams timetable of DeLijn in Flanders, Belgium. Offering extra useful features to improve your commute. Check it out in the App Store

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Dark Mode: make your screen less bright

We have also installed dark mode. If you don't like the light colour scheme, or if you want to use MijnLijn at night without turning your phone into a flashlight, MijnLijn is now respecting the dark mode setting of your iPhone or iPad.

Release Notes

  • New stops database set. February 2020 edition
  • Support for Dark Mode
  • Support for Dynamic Font sizes
  • Small bug fixes