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Coding Mammoth is a software development agency in Flanders, Belgium.

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Jelle De Laender

Founder Jelle De Laender was 14 years old when he started developing. The time-saving tools he created for himself quickly got adopted by other people. Before he knew it, Coding Mammoth was born. Today, he creates software products and offers freelance IT consultancy to companies to help them achieve their objectives.

Jelle Kalkman

This Jelle joined us to develop Semonto. He has a background in photography and holds a bachelor's degree in computer science. In his designs he has a special interest in user experience. When he is not working on a front-end project he is probably riding or maintaining one of his bicycles. Just like everyone else at Coding Mammoth he loves cats.

Kathy Salden

Copywriter and translator Kathy joined the team in 2019. She helps us put our ideas and technical functionalities into words that anyone can understand. She is a knowledge junkie, hooked on books, coffee and all things marketing. Slightly allergic to mornings. Owner of multiple cats. Let her know how you feel about our products. She loves to help!

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Phone+32 478 80 42 86
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