We want to help companies during corona crisis

Monitor your website for free during corona crisis via Semonto

We want to support companies during corona crisis by offering Semonto for free for 4 months. Together we are stronger 💪

Jelle De Laender
24 March 2020

As a company, we know which pressure the corona crisis is causing. Luckily, we are a bit less affected as we are working mostly remotely on our projects and for our clients. But we are feeling the effect this crisis s having. We want to help other companies, entrepreneurs and startups during these stressful times by offering Semonto for free for four months. A lot of shops need to close their physical store and are quickly building a webshop. The last thing you want is to lose customers or to hear from customers that your webshop or website was offline or giving errors. Let us help you by taking care of that part for you by keeping a close eye on your website or webshop. For free, no strings attached. More info on our Semonto blog.